100% Reliable

The Digital Signage with no performance issues over the past 10 years

Exceptional Value

Extensive standard features such as auto text fit, offline content, detailed reporting …

Design Included

Use smart templates and pre-designed apps, respecting your corporate identity

Centoview is the most
complete and reliable software platform for digital signage.

Software Features


Easy to use platform


Proven track for over 10 years

Pre Designed

Use templates and pre-designed apps


Schedule content up to 7 days


Office 365, Google Calendar, API

Auto Display Time

In function of text length


Both practical and technical

Data Driven



Show news, traffic, train traffic, tv, websites …

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The acquisition of IT company Centomedia

Further development for Centoview CMS With the acquisition of IT company Centomedia, Digitopia will become the largest Belgian player in digital signage. Both companies will merge into the Digitopia Group. With the acquisition, Digitopia Group will realize a turnover of 10 million euros and manage more than 25,000 digital touch points in six countries. Its […]

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4 interesting content ideas based on integrations with company data

It’s not always easy to come up with relevant and original content when communicating with employees. COVID for sure introduced the need to communicate more about safety, making your colleagues feel at ease when returning to the office. Displaying how many people are in the building or showing live CO2 levels are great examples. But there […]

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Push content from your mobile device and more

Digital signage done right has to be flexible. Displaying the right messages is often context related and situation dependent. That’s why we already made it possible to automatically overrule your standard message flows in specific cases. But another option is to manage what you’re seeing on the spot, right in front of you. We developed […]

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How local triggers can overrule your digital signage flow in emergencies

A flexible digital signage platform allows you to intervene when needed. In some situations for example, it might be necessary to interrupt your standard message flow. Think of emergency situations, like a fire alarm or other triggers that make you want to send out an important message.  The need for local triggers – a specific […]

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5 questions to help you choose a decent digital signage platform

Having great content ideas is one thing. But being able to easily publish and manage that content is another thing. A good digital signage platform is both easy to use and strong and reliable at the same time. And it offers some important features that you wouldn’t think of at first. Below, you’ll discover 5 […]

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