100% Reliable

The Digital Signage with no performance issues over the past 10 years

Exceptional Value

Extensive standard features such as auto text fit, offline content, detailed reporting …

Design Included

Use smart templates and pre-designed apps, respecting your corporate identity

Centoview is the most
complete and reliable software platform for digital signage.

Software Features


Easy to use platform


Proven track for over 10 years

Pre Designed

Use templates and pre-designed apps


Schedule content up to 7 days


Office 365, Google Calendar, API

Auto Display Time

In function of text length


Both practical and technical

Data Driven



Show news, traffic, train traffic, tv, websites …

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How local triggers can overrule your digital signage flow in emergencies

A flexible digital signage platform allows you to intervene when needed. In some situations for example, it might be necessary to interrupt your standard message flow. Think of emergency situations, like a fire alarm or other triggers that make you want to send out an important message.  The need for local triggers – a specific […]

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5 questions to help you choose a decent digital signage platform

Having great content ideas is one thing. But being able to easily publish and manage that content is another thing. A good digital signage platform is both easy to use and strong and reliable at the same time. And it offers some important features that you wouldn’t think of at first. Below, you’ll discover 5 […]

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A Service Level Agreement for your digital signage: yes or no?

Screen communication has become essential for many companies, stores and public organizations. They use digital signage to highlight promotions, guide visitors to the right place, or even as a queuing system. But what happens when one of your screens turns blank? That’s when a decent Service Level Agreement saves the day. ‘Remote’ SLA and ‘on […]

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The 3 main reasons why you should use digital signage in your company

1. Animated content attracts more people Digital signage is an attractive way of communicating. Unlike for example emails, it reaches your viewers in a very intuitive and non- intrusive way. They can’t snooze or delete your messages, but automatically see them when they pass by. As a plus, people are drawn to moving, animated content. […]

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Effective corporate digital signage? Start with ‘why’.

When investing in digital signage for your company, you want to get the most out of it. Before determining which and how many digital signage screens you’ll need to install in your company, always take a step back. Think it through. What is your scope? Who do you want to reach with your messages? And […]

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