100% Reliable

The Digital Signage with no performance issues over the past 10 years

Exceptional Value

Extensive standard features such as auto text fit, offline content, detailed reporting …

Design Included

Use smart templates and pre-designed apps, respecting your corporate identity

Centoview is the most
complete and reliable software platform for digital signage.

Software Features


Easy to use platform


Proven track for over 10 years

Pre Designed

Use templates and pre-designed apps


Schedule content up to 7 days


Office 365, Google Calendar, API

Auto Display Time

In function of text length


Both practical and technical

Data Driven



Show news, traffic, train traffic, tv, websites …

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Effective corporate digital signage? Start with ‘why’.

When investing in digital signage for your company, you want to get the most out of it. Before determining which and how many digital signage screens you’ll need to install in your company, always take a step back. Think it through. What is your scope? Who do you want to reach with your messages? And […]

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NEW – Visitor Counter with Stop Function

Hygiene and safety, that’s what it’s all about these days. Your visitors and clients want to feel safe and at ease when they enter your facilities. With the Visitor Counter, your facility complies with the safety measures set for Covid-19. Set the maximum allowed capacity for your location and the screen automatically translates the real-time […]

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FREE WHITEPAPER – Digital signage in your company

Want to lift your corporate screen communication to a higher level? In our free whitepaper you’ll discover the main things to consider when choosing a digital signage partner, as well as some inspirational examples that can boost your corporate communication. Effective communication – where clear messages are delivered to the right audiences – can boost […]

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NEW – Screen & Sanitizer Solution

Totem with screen, people counter and hand gel dispenser These days it’s all about hygiene and safety. That’s why it’s more important than ever for your customers and visitors to feel at ease when they enter your facilities. At the same time, clear communication remains key. The new ‘Screen & Sanitizer Solution’ with people counter […]

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