Case Study

Digital signage interrupted by local triggers in a retail setting

Picture this: a friday night in the early 00’s. After a long week of work, you will be meeting your best friend for dinner in your favorite restaurant. Suddenly, you find out that the movie you have been dying to watch finally will be broadcasted on tv. Dilemma: do you stay home to watch the movie? Or do you go out with your best friend?

Imagine having to choose between a cosy dinner with friends or watching your favorite movie broadcasted on tv. Sounds ridiculous, right? The launch of interactive television made an end to this kind op dilemma’s. From now on, you could record your favorite movie and watch it whenever you want. A real revolution in the telecommunication industry.

The customer: a big telecommunications company

Our customer, a Belgian telecommunications company, was the first one to launch this kind of television on the Belgian market. To nurture their customers curiosity, the company started installing decoders in all of their retail shops. That way, customers could experience this new way of television watching.

The customer’s digital signage question

But of course when nobody was exploring the decoder possibilities, a lot of screens were empty and available for digital signage. And the retail staff wanted a digital signage flow to start automatically when people stopped using the digibox.

Vice versa, when someone picked up the remote control and activated the digibox, the digital signage flow had to be interrupted. The company’s former digital signage partner couldn’t guarantee a consistent solution. So that’s when Centoview came up.

How Centoview helped

Our developers started exploring the possibilities and came up with a system of ‘local triggers’. As soon as someone pushed a button on the remote control, the infrared signal was captured by both the decoder and the Centoview player. At that moment, the digital signage flow was interrupted and the customer could start exploring the interactive television menu.

At the same time, the Centoview players started counting. And after 10 minutes of inactivity, the players ordered the digital signage flow to be restarted.

Why the customer chose Centoview

Centoview made possible what other platforms couldn’t. Thanks to the system of local triggers, the automatic digital signage flow could be interrupted on the spot. Only to be re-activated afterwards.

As a plus, the communication with the team went smooth and respectful. The customer perceived our story as clear and simple and felt confident in collaboration with the Centoview-team. As a result, the headquarters also started using digital signage for their corporate communication.

Until today, the company continues to use Centoview and is satisfied not only about the product itself, but also about the support team and our communication style. Which stimulates our team to keep delivering quality service.