Case Study

A secure and flexible digital signage platform is key for this company’s corporate communication

In a company with hundreds of employees, it can be challenging to keep dialogue alive. How do you connect with your employees? How do you maintain a direct communication? And what’s the best way to carry out your company values?

The customer: a large electric utility company

Digital signage helps you to open and maintain dialogue with your employees. That is why our customer, a large electric utility company, started using digital signage years ago. The firm had already invested in a large number of screens and players and knew the importance of corporate communication through digital signage.

A flexible but first of all secure digital signage platform

Frustrated by the lack of flexibility of their former digital signage platform, they started exploring new options. The platform they used was secure and stable, but not easy to use at all. And that’s when they contacted Centoview.

The two biggest requirements? First of all, the new platform had to be stable and highly intrusion proof. Because when dealing with sensitive information, security is key. You don’t want your data to be easily accessed by unwanted guests.

Second, the platform had to be easy to use and flexible. As a plus, it had to be compatible with the firm’s existing screens and players.

How Centoview helped

Our client needed a solution in the short term. That is why we first developed an extra feature that made it possible to connect the platform to all the existing devices. As a result, the digital signage didn’t have to be interrupted and the internal communication flow was impacted on a minimum level.

Second, the company was very surprised by the user friendliness of the platform. We developed attractive templates, respecting their corporate identity, and organised trainings to teach people get the most out of the platform.

Why the customer chose Centoview

But apart from the CMS side, Centoview proved itself to be an exceptional safe platform. Security being one of the biggest priorities for the company, they requested an intens project of intrusion testing by computer engineers. After 2 full days of testing, Centoview got the green light and we could start implementing.

Another important upside is the support team. When necessary, our client can get directly in touch with our developers. Communication remains open and direct and feedback is clear.

In short, 4 factors today still convince our customer to keep using Centoview: the user-friendliness of the platform, its stability and security, and last but not least the open communication with the support team.