Case Study

Whether your people come to work every day or a day a week: here are six ways to help management and HR reach their goals with digital signage.  

1. Feelgood: make them smile with fun facts 

Hard times? Let’s forget about the daily news for a while.  

A smile and some perspective can make their day. Fun facts do the job – if you keep them relevant. So make sure they are linked to your sector and business, and, better even, on brand. 

If you are a chocolate brand, for example, you could share facts like:  

Did you know you are divine? Really! 
The scientific name for the chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao, means ‘food of the gods.’ Which makes you a divine helper. That, of course, we already knew. 

2. Help through busy days: guide with practical info 

Need to discuss something in private? Want to fully focus on an idea that you just made up? Spontaneous meetings simply are a part of everyday work life.

Use digital signage with real-time data to show whether a meeting room is available. Your employees can see at a glance if they can instantly use a room or not. 

If you run an office centre, digital signage is the perfect way to welcome, guide and inform your visitors on where they need to go. A decent digital signage platform easily connects with your meeting data, displaying your meeting info automatically. 

3. Learning from success: share goals and results 

New customers, exciting projects, landmarks in the journey of your company: sharing success is inspirational.  

Make sure everyone is on track with your KPI’s, goals and results: a dashboard on a weekly or monthly basis does the trick. Or, even better, keep people up to date with real-time data

You can also include winners from contests: rank them, show their photo and name, explain how they won and name the prizes! 

4. Drive Engagement: make your employer brand happen 

Use smart signage to remind people of the WHY of your company, your values, and your culture. Showcase examples of projects that match what you stand for in short stories. 

To help recruitment, you can invite people to share jobs and your career website on their social networks. First day of a new colleague? Let everyone know and give your new talent a personal welcome on your screens. 

Celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays. And bring departments and/or people closer by putting them in the spotlight: a picture, a name, a telling quote do make a difference. 

5. Keep it safe: keep an eye on COVID regulations and ‘days without incidents’ 

With regulations changing, it’s good to let your employees know how exactly COVID policy translates to the working environment. Kind, clear reminders and encouragement to keep up the faith work best to keep everyone safe. 

Working in hazardous environments like manufacturing or chemistry? Straightforward messages like “wear a helmet” or “put on your safety shoes” can be a first step in reminding people to stick to safety procedures. 

Another great way to stimulate your co-workers is displaying the number of days without incidents. That way you not only congratulate your workers on doing a great job, but it also stimulates them to keep up the good work. 

6. Comfortable and motivated with public transport and traffic info 

Chances are that many of your employees travel to work by train, bus or tram especially if you are located in an urban area. Help your people save time on their commute by showing public transport schedules and possible delays

The same for people who come to work by car. Weather, traffic jams and roadworks can make their trip from and to work a lot more comfortable. 

This info keeps your people motivated to come to work. Especially now working from home is still standard in a lot of sectors. 

Want to know more about one of these features? Feel free to get in touch. Our team will be happy to provide more information.