Why Is Centoview Different?

Digital signage from A to Z

Missing a feature? Need training? Get in touch. Our team will do whatever it takes to increase the quality of the platform.

Together with our clients, we build the most complete digital signage platform.

Extensive support

Of course you get support when technical difficulties arise, but also about how to use the platform. If needed, you get on-site support.

As a plus, you can contact us in English, French and Dutch.

Infotainment apps

Nobody likes waiting. Help your viewers pass time with infotainment apps.

Stream tv, websites, news, local weather, train schedules, traffic jams and much more.

Auto screen orientation

Need digital signage content in landscape and portrait mode?

No need to worry about it, Centoview automatically rotates your message to the right format.

Auto text fit & auto display time calculation

Little, average or a lot of text? Centoview makes sure it fits your screen properly and calculates the display time.

No worries about timing or limited text box space.

No display interruptions

We first download and store your data locally before displaying them.

As a result, lost internet connections don’t impact your digital signage.

The Centoview digital signage platform is very straightforward and intuitive.
When using the platform for the first time, you’ll only need about 30 minutes to get started.

The Basics

Next to the unique Centoview features mentioned above, our digital signage platform also offers you basic functionalities, such as:

Smart Templates


User Roles

Upload Videos


Meeting info

Upload Images


Queuing info

The Hardware

Centoview is either integrated in your screen, via a System-On-Chip, or available through an external player, which you can connect to any brand and any type of screen.

The Technical Part

The Data Flow

Your data is first encrypted and then sent to our servers through a firewall cluster. If needed, this happens through VPN for maximum security. Your players contact our servers to download your data, after which they are stored locally.

Optional: Need to overrule your standard digital signage flow? You can directly send data or local triggers to your players through your own servers. Either directly or via the cloud.

More Technical Facts

  • cloud based since the start
  • sustainable infrastructure
  • optimized data storage
  • individual player management
  • data encryption
  • scalable

Each part of the Centoview system meets high technical standards. As a result, the whole of the platform is sustainable and reliable, with a very high uptime.

Technical question?
Don’t hesitate to reach out.