The 3 main reasons why you should use digital signage in your company

1. Animated content attracts more people

Digital signage is an attractive way of communicating. Unlike for example emails, it reaches your viewers in a very intuitive and non- intrusive way. They can’t snooze or delete your messages, but automatically see them when they pass by. As a plus, people are drawn to moving, animated content. So digital signage is an excellent way to display attractive messages and to keep your audience interested.

Another big advantage of digital signage is the impact of repetition. When you get an email, you immediately decide if you read it or not. You’re in charge and the mail isn’t, because it’s static. Digital signage on the other hand displays different messages which constantly alternate. So content is constantly moving, keeping your audience attentive.

2. Different company departments get one voice

Communicating with your employees through digital signage is a great way to unite the different departments of your company. By showing the key activities and achievements of Finance, Marketing, HR and other departments, you not only thoroughly inform your employees, but also create a feeling of involvement. This is especially valuable when your company is facing or just went through a merge or takeover.

As a plus, digital signage offers you a company specific lay out, recognizable for everyone, making it clear the messages are sent by one and the same messenger: your organization. This is key when people from different departments, all belonging to the same company, can create messages.

3. You boost employee engagement and motivation

Keeping your employees engaged is key to running a successful company. Research shows that highly engaged business teams result in 21% greater profitability. On the other hand, disengaged employees cost organizations between €415 and €508 billion annually. And organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%*.

But how do you keep employees engaged? How do you make sure your company DNA unites everyone in your organization? Well, it’s all about communication. People need to know what is happening inside company walls. This can be a huge challenge, especially when your employees don’t have access to email, like workers or labourers.

But even people who use email on a daily basis need a repetitive and smart communication approach, which is a basic requirement if you want your messages to stick. To turn communication strategies into energetic, dynamic, and engaging conversations, organizations need content that is diverse and relevant, visually stimulating and viewable across multiple locations: digital signage is the answer.

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