Push content from your mobile device and more

Digital signage done right has to be flexible. Displaying the right messages is often context related and situation dependent. That’s why we already made it possible to automatically overrule your standard message flows in specific cases. But another option is to manage what you’re seeing on the spot, right in front of you.

We developed an app that you can use to sort and activate your content when you’re far away from your laptop or desktop. From a technical point of view, the app makes it possible to reboot players and take screenshots.

Below, you’ll find all 5 features and examples of how you can use them.

1. Push a message

Immediately showing one specific message is needed in certain situations. Think of evacuation messages in case of emergency, but also – and less dramatic – displaying the word ‘welcome’ as soon as you see guests arriving. Or starting a countdown clock 1 minute before a performance begins.

That’s the height of relevance in time, if you ask us. No need to remain seated behind your laptop or other (fixed) device, you can simply use the Arcee app.

2. Last-minute activate or deactivate messages

Last-minute situations are a part of daily life. Why not anticipate this in your digital signage? Via a separate playlist, you can push content that is based on information you only get last-minute. Simply prepare the different scenarios you expect and then ultimately choose which scenario applies to the situation. 

A good example is welcoming your guests. Do you expect 1 or 2 persons? Male or female? Simply prepare the different scenarios and activate the playlist that is suitable. 

Another example is promoting a specific product in retail. Is the product suddenly sold out? Simply deactivate the message and your content remains up to date at all times.  

3. Create a message loop

Have several messages you want to continuously display, but only at a specific time? You can simply activate this feature in the Arcee app. Just like the individual messages, this could be the perfect solution for breaks during meetings, theater plays, dance recitals and concerts.

4. Sort your messages

Not satisfied about the order in which your pages appear? You can easily change it from your smartphone and tablet. Just select the playlist you want to modify and edit the sequence. 

5. Take screenshots & reboot players

From a technical point of view, the app offers some handy features as well. These are perfect for testing purposes or during maintenance. From now on, you can reboot players and take screenshots from pushed content, all using the app. No need to be close to a computer or laptop.

Want to know more or need help setting up the Arcee app? Feel free to reach out. Our support team will be happy to help.

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