Euro 2020: fuel your signage with these 5 sporty content ideas

It took a lot longer than we hoped for, but finally it’s here: the European Football Championship. Finally, sports fans can charge their football batteries again. The perfect occasion to add some sports to your digital signage flows. Need inspiration? Jump right into our content ideas below.

1. Countdown to the start

Chances are your viewers are counting down the days to the first match. Especially since the EURO 2020 was delayed by a whole year after the COVID pandemic. Why don’t you count down with them? Centoview offers a countdown app, included in the infotainment package. You can upload your own image, set the exact date and time and the platform does the rest.

During the Championship you can add a countdown page to each match. A great way to fuel the enthusiasm of the football fans that are part of your audience.

2. Fun facts about EURO 2020

Fun facts are a great way to communicate with your viewers in a casual way. Use the European Championship as an occasion to share some interesting details. Did you know for example … that the current UEFA Champions League trophy stands 73.5cm tall and weighs 7.5kg? And yes, there will be a VAR in place. Last but not least: despite the COVID pandemic, there will be an opening ceremony with the one and only Marshmallow as headline.

3. Live sports news

When using the news app, which is also part of the infotainment pack, you can select sports related RSS feeds. Chances are high that 90% of the sports related news will be about the European Championship. You can either upload your own image – a legendary football shot maybe? – or use the background from the related articles.

4. Contest: guess the winner

Especially in large organisations, it can be fun to put a contest in place. Who do you think will be the winner of the next match? What will be the final score? And will there be extra time and eventually penalty shots?

If you like, you can add football related rewards, like a dummy trophy, a chocolate football shoe or a team building that includes bubble football.

5. Screen captures of funny shots

No need to say that live broadcasted football can result in hilarious images. Add to the football atmosphere by sharing some funny football shots in expectation of the next match. We’re sure you’ll put a smile on people’s faces, because frankly… Try not to smile when you see images like the one below :-).

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