Discover our newest Food App

Centoview never stops moving forward. We’re always developing new apps enabling you, as a Centoview user, to further improve your communication with customers, visitors and staff. Today we introduce to you our newest Food App.

Belgium’s biggest caterer digitalizes its restaurants and Centoview is its dedicated partner.

How does this work? The chef used to write his daily menu on a sign. Now, he can enter the daily menu into a central platform specific for the food industry. The Centoview platform also allows him to order what he needs, put together his menu and inventorize his costs. The platform captures all data and sends the relevant information to screens above the counters of the free flow restaurant for customers to see.

Not only the information about what’s on the menu is displayed, but also the allergens, gluten, calories and other information.

Every theme corner has its own screen with the correct information for its specific counter. Fully automated, clear and simple.


  • Data will dynamically be visualized on every screen.
  • Data on the screen is 100 % relevant for the location of that screen, the moment in time and the info the customer needs.
  • Data is sent from one central platform.

Curious about the other features of Centoview? Learn more about the platform here or request a demo.

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