Centoview transits from Flash to Html5

For a long period of time, animated web content like videos and games could only exist thanks to plugins like Adobe Flash. Over the years however, web technology evolved quickly and newer, better solutions for animated content appeared.
As a result, Adobe decided to shut down their Flash plug-in. As of 2020, Flash updates will no longer be released and web browsers will drop support entirely. Google and Microsoft for example announced that they will disable the plug-in by default in their browsers by early 2020, which impacts Google Chrome and Internet Explorer of course.

What does this mean for Centoview?

The Centoview platform is fully prepared for this shutdown and switched completely to Html5. As a result, you can continue using the platform without any problem.
For most users, the transition will go smoothly. For a very small group of users, there might be an impact on the preview possibilities. But your digital signage messages won’t be affected.
Want to know what this transit means for your organization? Feel free to contact our support team through support@centoview.com or +32 11 360 544 36 05 38.