5 ways to identify high quality digital signage platforms

magnifying glass to symbolise identifying a high quality digital signage platform

If you’re looking for a high quality digital signage platform, chances are you had a bad experience using a basic platform before. There are a lot of digital signage softwares out there, sometimes even free. These may seem attractive at first, but when you start using them, it quickly becomes obvious that they are free for a reason.

Need to level up your digital signage performance? And want to know how you can identify good quality platforms? Below you’ll discover 5 ways to do so.

1. Quality digital signage platforms include time winning features

How many times have you been frustrated by the limitations of your content editor? Quality platforms anticipate your needs and make content creation as easy as possible. We already talked about this in a previous blog post, describing 3 time saving features that make Centoview a high quality platform.

2. You can use attractive and intuitive templates

Even if you are no graphic designer, you should be able to create attractive messages. Quality digital signage platforms offer intelligent templates and apps that respect your corporate identity, allowing you to simply focus on your messages without worrying about how they will look. 

3. The support team is outstanding

A good support team really make a huge difference. When you’re stuck and you need help, you want to get is as fast as possible, whether you have a technical issue or need practical help when creating your messages. A decent support team assists you every step of the way, and does so with a friendly voice.

4. The development team constantly looks for improvements 

A high quality digital signage platform is not only extremely stable, but also constantly looking for ways to improve. The development team not only gathers relevant customer questions in a broad roadmap, but also actively looks for ways to increase the system’s performance. This is a state of mind you’ll only find in digital signage professionals with the highest standards.

5. Quality platforms offer features for big organisations 

The bigger your organisation, the higher your digital signage needs. Think about different user rights and approval flows, the possibility to group players or screens, reporting possibilities, time limits for specific messages, connecting with your own meeting information or company goals, etc. Quality platforms offer all the features you need to easily manage your screen communication.

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