4 interesting content ideas based on integrations with company data

It’s not always easy to come up with relevant and original content when communicating with employees. COVID for sure introduced the need to communicate more about safety, making your colleagues feel at ease when returning to the office. Displaying how many people are in the building or showing live CO2 levels are great examples. But there are other interesting integrations possible. 

Below you’ll find 4 original content ideas, all based on automatic integrations with your company data. Feel free to dive in.

1. Display CO2 levels to reassure colleagues

With more people returning to the office, it’s crucial that they feel comfortable when doing so. A perfect way to reassure your colleagues is by showing live CO2 levels. Not just by displaying a static number, but by interpreting the data for your viewers. Adding a ‘safety meter’ is a good example. Green indicates a safe level, orange a semi-safe level and red a risky level.

As a plus, you can diversify your messages according to location, maximising your relevance in place and time. Want to show CO2 levels in the cafeteria on all company screens? That might be a good one. Especially during lunch break, so people can decide if it’s too crowded. In the morning and in the afternoon, this might be only relevant to show on the screens in or near the cafeteria.

2. Guide people to the right meeting room

Displaying whether a meeting room is or isn’t available is a classical digital signage feature. But did you know that it’s possible to guide people around your building, directly to the meeting room they’re looking for? Perfect for events, seminars and other gatherings as well. 

Communicating through an API, this type of signage is called ‘way finding’. It displays arrows that guide you in the right direction and shows only relevant information with live updates.  

3. Show your solar energy yield

A lot of companies use solar panels to reduce energy expenses and operate more environmentally-friendly. But why not share solar energy data on your screens? Almost a must have when sustainability is one of your core values. 

Instead of just showing how much kilowatt your panels generate, you can do something with this data for your viewers. For example: ‘currently 36% of our energy consumption is covered by solar panels’. Or ‘woop woop, we’re producing at maximum capacity!’. 

4. Use an automatic people counter

Intelligent tools combine the power of digital signage with practical features. Monitoring how many people are inside your building might be useful to respect COVID measures. An automatic people counter does all the work for you. 

In the image above, the people counter is used at the company restaurant. But of course, you can use this in other places as well, like the entrance of the building. A great way to reassure colleagues coming back to work by showing they’re in a safe environment.

Want to know more about one of these features? Feel free to get in touch. Our team will be happy to provide more information.