3 features that make Centoview a unique digital signage platform

There are a lot of digital signage solutions on the market. Every platform has its unique features. From fancy design options to unique technical or IT setups.

At Centoview, we always put the user first. We want our digital signage platform to be intuitive and easy to use. That is why we collect all our customers suggestions in a roadmap. By doing so, we can improve features and increase user satisfaction.

Below you will find 3 unique features that help our users save time when creating digital signage content.

1. Landscape or portrait mode? You only need 1 design

A lot of companies have both landscape and portrait oriented screens. In many digital signage platforms, you have to insert the same content in two different pages. One landscape oriented page and one portrait oriented page.

In Centoview, you only have to create 1 design. The platform automatically rotates your messages, based on the orientation of your screens. That makes creating content twice as efficient.

2. Any text length fits your templates

Little, average or a lot of text? It surely fits your design. The Centoview platform automatically adjusts the layout of your page, based on the amount of text you insert.

You can write long or short titles, add or remove subtitles, insert little or much body text. You can even choose to add a QR-code, website and action label, depending on which type of message you want to create.

Regardless of the number of components you add and the length of your text, your page will remain attractive.

3. Centoview knows how much time your viewers need to read your message

It can be hard estimating how much time your viewer might need to read a message. Vice versa, it can be frustrating for your readers to see a message disappear before finishing reading it.

That’s why Centoview has an intelligent algorithm that automatically calculates how many seconds a message has to be displayed before switching to the next.

This algorithm takes into account several factors: the language you chose for your message, the lengths of your body text, the number of headings or subheadings …

Curious about the other features of Centoview? Learn more about the platform here or request a demo.

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