How our digital signage platform easily survived 2 full days of intrusion testing

When using a digital signage platform in a corporate environment, the biggest concern for the IT department usually is safety. Especially in large companies or companies that process sensitive information.

And you can’t blame them. It’s only logical that you don’t want uninvited guests to join your digital signage flow. That’s exactly what one of our customers pointed out as number one priority: making sure Centoview was 100% secure.

How it started

A few years ago, we were contacted by a multinational active in the power industry. They wanted to use digital signage for their internal communication. On one condition: the platform had to be hyper safe.

At that time, Centoview already was very secure. But the customer raised the bar and asked for additional requirements. The result? Two days of full time testing abroad by highly qualified computer experts.

2 days of digital signage intrusion testing

A team of computer engineers submitted Centoview to a large series of hacking and intrusion tests. The main goal here was of course to discover leaks and weaknesses of our digital signage platform.

“I felt quite nervous when I first heard about the intense testing trajectory. But at the same time I was confident that our digital signage platform could survive these tests. Our developers are experts and really know what they’re doing.

Aymat, Centoview project manager

When the two days were over, a report was established with a final quote for Centoview. Apart from a small number of improvement suggestions, no major issues were found. The report was very positive and the changes that had to be made little. So Centoview got the green light and we could start implementing.

Still on track

Today, the customer still uses Centoview and is planning on extending the platform to branches in other continents as well.

Will this include another round of intrusion testing? We’re not sure yet, but if so, we are confident that Centoview will pass with flying colors.

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