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No software required

No software required

Cloud based

Centoview is a cloud solution, which in effect means that you do not need to install and maintain the actual software, but rather run it directly from our virtual servers installed in a top class Belgian data centre. The cloud solution does not in itself represent our business model, but it should be seen as an optimal coordination of the various components of your digital signage network.

This will ensure the highest overall uptime possible at the lowest corresponding total cost of ownership. It also enables us to provide extensive remote support and to control all your software updates (application, server & centoplayer) related to your specific digital signage solution.


To ensure maximum security, the centoplayers initiate the connection with the cloud servers on a specific TCP port assigned to the customer. There is no need to forward inbound connections to your network. Allowing an outbound connection rule to one specific TCP port on your firewall is all it takes. On request, the connection set-up can be a VPN tunnel or a proxy. When your network capacity is critical during rush hours, limited traffic towards the centoplayer is controlled by bandwidth throttling.

Centoview is a scalable solution. Take off with just a few centoplayers so you can get familiar with our solution and when you’ve experienced how useful it is, you can deploy as many centoplayers as you need! 

User support

Every Centoview user has access to our helpdesk during office hours, where we gladly help you with technical and content-related topics, regardless the number of users represented in your signage network.

We also provide you with the option to extend this free service to include access to a

24/7 support facility at a more than reasonable rate.

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