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One of the advantages of digital signage is the opportunity to respond and communicate real fast. But just how quickly can you create a message that is effective, animated and 100% in line with the company’s corporate identity?

Thanks to the fast and convenient Centoview apps, the job is done within one minute and without the need for any technical or graphical design knowledge.

This gives you the opportunity to delegate the content creation to a decentralized level, without risking corporate identity violation.

Some examples of the integrated intelligence in Centoview apps:

com apps

  • automatic calculation of display time
  • text auto-fit
  • keep up with the company styling guide
  • no datadriven data available does not result in empty screens
  • picture scaling and automatic video fit


tech apps

  • control of screen functionality
  • control of IP camera


Besides ad-hoc communication, completely automated messages can be created using Centoview apps while maintaining the designer’s original rules. Tools for reporting, analytics and monitoring allow you to take your digital signage solution to the next level.

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