The Centoview Story

How it all started

In 2007 a team of experienced multimedia passionates started exploring the world of digital signage. Until then, these enthusiastics mostly invested their time in website development, programming and directing company movies.

Being pulled to the world of narrowcasting, the team of digital creatives started implementing an existing platform, originally used in airports for displaying flight information. A very steady and reliable solution, but not built by the team itself.

In addition, the aesthetic and functional possibilities of this existing solution were very limited. That’s when the team started thinking about an alternative digital signage solution. This solution had to be not just reliable, but also versatile, aesthetic and easy to use.

Centoview was born.

Initially an add on for an existing platform, Centoview transformed to and still is an independent platform. Cloud-based from the beginning, highly reliable and versatile like no other digital signage solution.

Over the years, clients asked for more requirements. Driven by commitment and pride, our team of digital enthusiastics started mapping these questions and found either generic or client specific solutions. As a result, Centoview became and still is an exceptional complete and steady digital signage platform.

Supported by a broad team of technical and functional experts, today 97% of the Centoview clients remain with us. And Centoview keeps growing year by year.

Why Centoview?

15 Years of experience

Being part of the digital signage community since the beginning, we know the answer to almost every question our customers have.

In case new questions arise, our devoted team makes every effort to find a solution, driven by passion and pride in our product.

Customer centric

Whenever customers detect the need for a new digital signage feature, they get in touch. Because they know we will do whatever it takes to help.

‘Yes’ is the keynote of our organisation.

No designer skills needed

Our intelligent templates and apps respect your corporate identity, allowing you to focus on your messages. No need to worry about design, timing, layout and typography.

Our technical and design staff found an unique solution, which displays your message in a stylish way. No matter the length, structure or composition of your text.

Cloud based since the start

Since its origin, Centoview has been a cloud-based platform. The entire infrastructure is attuned to cloud computing, making it both backwards compatible and future proof.

No major incidents have been reported since we launched Centoview in 2007.

100 % secure and stable

Our experienced and motivated team of experts constantly monitors the platform’s security and protection.

Instead of using live stream, your data are first downloaded and stored locally, and then displayed. As a result, connection errors don’t impact your signage messages.

Your message first

Digital signage is all about communication. Our first focus is to transfer your message successfully to your audience.

Technical features are important, but secondary, since they serve the purpose of your communication.

Get in touch for more information.

Our values

Be Passionate

Driven by passion and pride, people deliver the best results. The proven reputation of Centoview relies on the digital signage expertise of our people.

Find the Solution

Each time one of our clients shares a digital signage challenge, we start looking for a solution. And more often than not, we find one.

Deliver Quality

Reliability and steadiness derive from focusing on quality. The proven track record of Centoview is based on the will to deliver quality.

Listen to Clients

By understanding the needs of our clients and offering extensive support, we not only increase client satisfaction but also the quality of our platform.